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Medical Venipuncture Observation Lamp


The principle of Medical Venipuncture Observation Lamp is made according to the high penetration theory of red light. Through the red light irradiating palm, make the veins of the hand back appear clearly. It is beneficial for looking up the veins. This product is auxiliary for clinical venous puncture. 



●Infrared vein viewing device

●According to the high penetration theory of red light, make the veins of the hand back appear clearly, so as to achieve rapid intravenous infusion.    
● The red light irradiation adopts the actuated control mode to help find veins, fast reaction, user-friendly.   
● With light modulation function, the brightness of the irradiation head can be  controlled so that it can be applied to more patients. 
● Automatic shutdown function: The standby time is 5mins, and when the time is up, the product will be automatically shut down.   
● Power supply mode is rechargeable battery; flexible and convenient.




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